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Welcome to the Official Medvedist Livejournal Community!
\m/, battle, being a religion, being open minded, bloodfeast, brighton, capering, cherubs, creativity, dancing, danzig, dream theater, eggs, evil things you've done, followers of medved, god emperor medved, good egg, good fun, good joke, international relations, journalism, killing emo kids, lord medved, mannaz, mannaz rune, matt medved, medved, medved is god, medvedism, medvedist directory, medvedist symbols, medvedists, metal, mongoose, music, na tis jelly, northwestern university, one word, philosophy, rochester, skeletor, the medvedist creed, the medvedist religion, thinking, tortoises, untimely death, walruses, wheeeeee, writing, yayayay, yowling, |x|